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Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.

- David Richo

Individual Interventions with Children and Adolescents

Direct intervention may include cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, play therapy, social skills development, mindfulness-based techniques, or a variety of other modalities. Our primary goal for individual intervention is to enhance self-esteem, self-advocacy, and general well-being and happiness. Individual work is often combined with parent consultation, so parents may learn important techniques during session and then build upon these foundational skills in the home setting.


Family Therapy

This collaborative process focuses on needs identified by parents and family members. Typically, the family and the therapist work together focusing on family patterns, communication style and culture to improve the well-being of all. Family structures vary from multi-generational, grandparent-headed, foster, two-parent, or single parent homes. The goal of family therapy is to improve cohesion and harmony in the familial environment.


Parent services include: parent training in behavior and stress management, problem solving strategies, communication training and education in child development/childhood disorders.  Child services may involve training in pro-social behavior, anger management and peer relations.


Individual Adult and Couples Therapy

Our goal for working with adults, like our work with children and adolescents, is to enhance strengths and sense of agency over one's life. Our focus tends to be on past functioning, present reality and hopes for the future. In sessions we work with adults through cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, relational frameworks, and emotion focused interventions to aid the process of change. Adult work is at times paired with family sessions to help create lasting change for the entire family system. Areas of expertise with adults include family grief, stagnation in feeling joy, and adults with a history of family trauma.

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  • Expert Testimony for Child and School Related Topics

    The Center therapists are experts on child development and school-related issues and we are  available for consultation for parents, schools and the community at large.  More specifically, we have expertise in the following topic areas:


      • Child development and normative functioning.

      • Behavioral, developmental, emotional and attachment-related
         problems in children.

      • School bullying and its causes, effects and interventions
         (individual, group, and systemic), as well as bullying-related
         school policy issues.

      • Clinical and educational policy issues surrounding special

  • School Consultation and Individual Education Plan (IEP) Support or 504 Plan Support

    Parents of children with special needs oftentimes feel more informed about state and national policies and parental rights when they work collaboratively with a school psychology and developmental specialist.  As a provider of this service, we are equipped to:


      • Conduct quantitative and qualitative behavioral observations of your child in the classroom, lunchroom and during recess.

      • Consult with teachers regarding behavior and the learning environment (including curriculum) to ensure maximum success in the classroom and in terms of social-emotional development.

      • Aid in the completion of a Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP) that is often used in school settings.

      • Provide feedback to you and the IEP team regarding adequacy of goals designated on legal documents that will follow your child each year as he/she changes grades.

  • Organizational Change Projects for Schools

    The Center has more than 20 years of experience with organizational change projects in public and private sectors.  Currently, we specialize in organizational change projects in schools focusing on a number of key issues such as bullying, classroom management, positive behavior support, academic success/testing, and teacher morale and turnover.  Please call us to discuss what a full organizational project would entail.

  • Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

    According to current research, yoga, meditation, imagery, and mindful breathing have profound effects on all aspects of our emotional, mental, and physical health. Children and adults who have developmental disabilities, emotional or behavioral problems, as well as those who are typical-functioning, may reap the benefits of a meditation or yoga practice. The Center has trained yoga teachers and meditation practitioners (Mindfulness Based Child-birthing and Parenting-MBCP), and we are able to combine yoga and therapy to help you and your child connect on a deeper level.

Dr. Stephanie Mihalas of the Center for Wellbeing or Well Being consults with a family in therapy
Dr. Stephanie Mihalas of the Center for Wellbeing or Well Being is an expert in dealing with child depression, bullying, and developmental issue

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