The Center for Well Being is a small niche firm with an expertise focused on communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. The Center takes a direct approach that combines psychology and business to empower corporate transformation. We believe that employees, managers, and c-level leadership require consultants that understand what fuels human behavior.

Corporate Services


We provide workshops, in-service trainings, executive coaching and consultation; as well as, organizational planning and intervention to garner the change to meet your goals.


The Center has a renowned expertise in developing and supporting growth in children, parents and families. We believe that families are similar to organizations as they are complex learning systems that require an investment in communication, shared understanding, and capacity to respond to change. The Center aims to develop your staff and leadership by creating an environment of adaptation and dynamic interactions.


The Center’s corporate consulting team may target the following organizational potholes:

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making in Groups

Group problem solving has numerous benefits such as diverse opinions and varied solutions. Without employees trained in problem-solving, disadvantages such as lack of implementation, group bias, and competition may negatively impact the process. The Center provides step-by-step training on how to communicate, analyze, and critically evaluate material in groups so the final work product is rich with commitment to solutions.


Improving Collegial Interaction and Interpersonal Communication Skills

Miscommunication may create major flare-ups in the workplace leading to hostility and resistance to  being a team player. From what may have been positive intentioned behavior, verbal and nonverbal cues are misunderstood. Let the Center staff conduct organizational trainings on how to navigate difficult conversations and circumvent office drama.


Your Love/Hate Relationship With Feedback

Employees from different generations have varied expectations of the feedback process. Consideration of type of data, data provision, duration and frequency of feedback are all variables that need to be taken into account to cultivate increased employee engagement. The Center will train on concepts such as timing and acceptance of feedback; as well as proper incentivization.


Managing Mindfully

Managers are inundated with complex and time consuming tasks that demand efficiency and multi-tasking. Managers are required to respond to their own staff as well as upper level management oftentimes with critical and immediate feedback. Crucial and difficult communication is part of this process. With the use of mindful awareness and grounding techniques, managers can be equipped to step back and take a moment to re-evaluate before missteps are made.

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