Our concierge services are individualized and unique with a client-centered approach. We offer timely therapeutic service that accommodates a demanding and variable schedule. Concierge care is flexible in location, time-frame, and modalities used.

Parent Training Weekend Intensive

We offer one or two day weekend intensive programs for families that are interested in jump-starting the therapeutic process. Sometimes matters are time-sensitive or critical in nature and The Center for Well Being Staff provides specifically tailored strategies in your home environment.


Off-Site Based Psychotherapy and Support

A Center for Well Being therapist will provide psychotherapeutic services offsite (e.g., home, school, office) on a regular basis to meet your clinical needs. We understand working in a different setting may be more therapeutic or may expedite the process. Services are available during the week and weekends.


Case Management

It can be helpful to have someone manage your case who knows the land and language of care management. The Center for Well Being staff will provide consultation and management between assessment and intervention providers. If appropriate, next steps for assessment and/or treatment may be provided. Additionally, services could include school or medical insurance advocacy.


School Placement

Children have unique academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs that require a match with the educational environment both in curricular structure and cultural climate. The Center for Well Being Staff will work with you to find a school that matches your child’s particular interests and strengths; as well as educational style. Records review, school consultation and child observation also may be considered if helpful for for placement recommendations.


Concierge Services


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