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To find out what is truly individual in ourselves, profound reflection is needed; and suddenly we realize how uncommonly difficult the discovery of individuality is.

- C.G. Jung

Dr. Stephanie treats various problems, including Bullying, Family Relations, Trauma, Depression, Disruptive Behavior

The initial problem a patient presents with in our office may sometimes represent a deeper core issue. While we appreciate and understand the importance of diagnostic consideration, our larger goal is to identify a patient's underlying concern and work with them to treat it.


Here are a number of issues and problems that we treat:


 • Anxiety

 • Depression

 • Family Relational Problems (e.g., peer-sibling conflict, parent-child
     interaction concerns)

 • Adjustment and Coping Difficulties (e.g., adoption, divorce, loss,
    chronic illness, grief issues)

 • Attachment and Separation Issues (e.g., separation anxiety, issues
    related to deployment)

 • Trauma Related to Abuse and Neglect

 • Self-Injurious Behavior

 • Bullying

 • Academic Struggles/Homework Refusal

 • School Refusal Behavior

 • Tantrums

 • Lying

 • Stealing

 • Physical and Verbal Aggression

 • Property Destruction

 • Social Skill Deficits

 • Excessive Fear or Phobias

 • Selective Mutism

 • Feeding Resistance (e.g., food selectivity or refusal)

 • Toileting Resistance (e.g., bedwetting, soiling, incontinence)

 • Sleep Disturbances (e.g., bedtime refusal, nighttime wakening)

 • Difficulties Managing Pain and Medication Refusal

 • Resistance to Medical Treatment


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