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Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality

- Dalai Lama

I regularly publish articles in academic journals, here is a list of my most recent publications. Click on the highlighted text to read the article.


Book Chapters:


Mihalas, S.T. (2013). Treating school refusal: Clinical response. In L. Grossman and S. Walfish (Eds.), Translating Research into Practice: A Desk Reference for Practicing Mental Health Professionals. Springer Publications.


Richman, G., Hope, T., Mihalas, S.T. (2010). Assessment and treatment of self-esteem in adolescents with ADHD. In M.Guindon. (Ed.), Self-Esteem Across the Life Span: Issues and Interventions (pp.111-123). New York, NY: Routledge, a Taylor & Francis Group.


Raffaele Mendez, L. M., Mihalas, S., & Hardesty, R. (2006). Gender differences in academic development and performance. In G. G. Bear & K. M. Minke (Eds.), Children's Needs III (pp. 553-565). Bethesda, MD: National Association of School Psychologists.


Journal Articles:


Mihalas, S.T., & Witherspoon, R.G. (2013). Clinical and Ethical Considerations of Mindfulness in the Private Practice Setting. Independent Practitioner. Fall 2013, 131-134.


Mihalas, S.T., & Witherspoon, R.G. (2013). A Deeper Look at Utilizing Mindfulness Techniques in Your Private Practice Setting. Independent Practitioner, Summer 2013, 85-89.


Mihalas, S.T., Witherspoon, R.G., Harper, M.E., & Sovran, B.A. (2012). The moderating effect of teacher support on depression and relational victimization in minority middle school students: Invited special article on love, emotion and pedagogy. International Journal of Whole Schooling, 8, 40-59.


Mihalas, S.T. (2010). Development of aggression and violence in children and adolescents: An ecological approach. The Los Angeles Psychologist, September/October Issue.


Mihalas, S.T., Allsopp, D., Morse, W.C., & McHatton Alvarez, P. (2009). Cultivating caring relationships between teachers and secondary students with emotional and behavioral disorders: Implications for research and practice. Remedial and Special Education, 30, 108-125.


Powell, H., Mihalas, S.T., Onwuegbuzie, A.J., Suldo, S.M., & Daley, C.E. (2008). Mixed-methods research in school psychology: A mixed-methods investigation of trends in the literature. Psychology in the Schools, 45, 291-309.


Friedrich, A., Raffaele Mendez, L.M., & Mihalas, S.T. (2010). Gender as a factor in school based mental health delivery. School Psychology Review, 39, 122-136.


Raffaele Mendez, L.T., Young, E., Mihalas, S.T., Cusumano, D.L., Hoffman, L. (2006). Hidden stressors for girls in middle school: What teachers can do to help. The Middle School Journal, 38, 13-22.


Suldo, S. M., Hardesty, R. B., Mihalas, S. T., Powell, H. A., & Witte, R. B. (2007). The role of teacher support in preventing substance use. Psychology Teachers Network, 16, 19-22.


Suldo, S.M., Mihalas, S.T., Powell, H., Hardesty, R.B., & French, R.B. (2008). Ecological predictors of substance use in middle school students. School Psychology Review, 23, 373-388.


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